Smart Shipment Tracker – Why Does Your Business Needs It?

Everything is online in this generation. People avoid going to stores for their everyday needs and instead choose to buy online for the same. It is the evolutionary age of on-demand delivery and online purchase. With the massive rise in online purchases & eCommerce websites, there comes the demand for a precise and steady delivery system. As COVID-19 continues to interrupt global supply chains, knowing exactly where your shipments have become more crucial. The common way of tracking shipments is annoying, time-consuming, and worthless. So, we will talk about Smart Shipment Tracker & shipment facilities that will provide you with proper management of parcels and fleets.

Benefits of Using Smart Shipment Tracker

Benefits of Using Smart Shipment Tracker

This sturdy package tracking software features unlimited, real-time access to your shipment information (including the current whereabouts of your packages and the details on surrounding conditions like humidity or temperature), and the chance to receive real-time alerts on the box condition. The possibility to monitor the shipment procedure in real-time increases your company’s overall productivity and boosts its success.

Here’s a short analysis of the advantages that top-notch Smart Shipment Tracker bring to the table:

  • Your clients get to estimate the accurate time when they receive their packages.
  • As a result, you can effortlessly enhance the communication process with your clients.
  • Accurate delivery schedules lead to customer satisfaction.
  • The number of your returning customers grows.
  • Your sales increase, while your revenue skyrockets.
  • The additional silver lining is that the process is very eco-friendly, for it doesn’t involve any paper use.

Diving Into the Essence of Smart Shipment Tracker

What’s also good about opting for an excellent package tracking system is that you can fit the tool to suit your definite business needs at a certain period. Now, let’s take a look at the operating peculiarities that come with most shipment tracking tools: Detailed live route tracking: this feature serves for optimizing the most suitable routes for the particular delivery, as well as aid your customer in keeping track of their package’s exact location. Vehicle data: this shows your clients exactly where the vehicle is moving, at which speed, as well as how long it will take to reach the final place.

Handy alerts: The tool sends your customers alerts associated with the shipment process that’s underway. Real-time delivery status updates: The system notifies your clients in case their deliveries are being slowed or if anything else arises during shipment.Digital receipt after each delivery: The system gives this receipt as clear evidence that the package has reached its destination.

Importance of Smart Shipment Tracker in eCommerce Business

Importance of Smart Shipment Tracker in eCommerce Business

Ecommerce giants started transforming their product search platform into smart search systems. These smart platforms can identify the intent of the customer and provide them with the exact results they are looking for. The goal of smart shipment, tracking and eCommerce smart search platforms is to improve the buyer’s journey. Businesses that use smart search and smart shipment tracking tools can see a massive growth rate in their sales. Both of these platforms include fully customizable features like delivery date, location, packaging, delivery type (fast or normal), custom search and custom analytics.

Why Creating A Memorable Shipping Experience is Important

The shipping experience influences both sales conversion and customer retention. If online shoppers are unsatisfied with your shipping options and costs, along with the final delivery, they are unlikely to purchase from you again. Here is a deeper dive into why creating a memorable shipping experience is important for business growth.

Offer multiple shipping options – Some retailers offer customers only one way of shipping items. This could leave the customer unhappy if this option is not helpful for them (e.g., when they are in a time crunch and are desperate to get a product like yours quickly).

Offer multiple shipping options – It’s a common best practice to offer customers multiple shipping options, including 2-day shipping, and sometimes even expedited shipping, overnight shipping, and same-day delivery.

Stick to shipping times (don’t be late) – Be fully transparent about estimated shipping dates, with or without delays.

Make the shipping process personalized – You can personalize the shipping process by putting extra effort into your transactional emails, including fun messaging and design.

Personalize your packaging – With custom branded packaging, you have an opportunity to increase brand recognition and generate positive social proof.

Features of the Delivery-Tracking System

Features of the Delivery-Tracking System

The prime benefit of having a smart delivery-tracking system is that you can customize the system according to the various needs of the business at different gaps in time. The major common features of the delivery-tracking system are below:

Route optimization

A correct tracking system enables you to optimize the best routes available for a particular delivery. This also facilitates the customer to track the exact location of the order and the delivery personnel, thus allowing them to estimate the exact time when the delivery will be done.


A delivery-tracking system permits the customers to have full transparency about the delivery personnel and their respective vehicles. They see the exact point where the delivery person is. It not only helps the customer to estimate the delivery time but also increases the overall efficiency of the organization.

Delivery status updates

The customers get the recent delivery notification through the tracking system. If due to some unfortunate logic the delivery is being delayed, the customer can have a notion of the situation rather than just waiting for their delivery at an estimated time. The tracker provides real-time information.

Vehicle parameters

The customers can see where the vehicle is moving, which route the delivery personnel is succeeding, the time it will take to reach the location, etc. Customers get the complete guideline of where the delivery personnel exactly reached.

Maintenance factors

The tracker will update your system with any maintenance factors that have to be conducted instantly.

The speed and the relaxing time of the vehicles

The system will provide real-time information about the speed and even the waiting time of the vehicle that is being allocated for delivery.

Reminders and alerts

The smart tracking will provide any recent reminder or alert concerning the delivery being completed.

The digital proof of every delivery

The tracker will provide a digital receipt of the delivery after it has been finished. This will help you and your business keep evidence of the delivery has been completed.

Integration with different systems

The tracking system helps in merging with the other systems.

It’s Time to Boost Your Business

We live in a time when so many things take place online. People tend to shop online. People want high-quality online services. commonly, this tendency is only going to strengthen in the years to come. Due to the advanced technology platforms they utilize, tracking systems have become sophisticated. Even if your package is still very far apart, you get the chance to keep tabs on its movement with just a few taps.

Tracking shipments have become very important. In a world where a lot of products are being shipped daily, every eCommerce business must have an in-place system that ensures you get updated on the status of your deliveries.

With all that said, if you want to boost your business, as well as improve the productivity and credibility of your company, it’s time to opt for a top-level tracking system.


Having an efficient and smart delivery-tracking system not only assures business growth but also builds a strong customer base for life. If you are running a business in this digitalized era, you must be well native to online trackers.

In the age where everything is online, you must have an improvised delivery system that adds a tracker so that customers can get real-time information and updates regarding the delivery.

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