Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Simplify your Enterprise Processes

Being a CEO or CTO of any enterprise, you have to be sure about the suitable technology to grow your complete enterprise business. Do you have so many employees, different departments to manage, and globally located offices? It often leads to inefficiencies due to a lack of enterprise architecture, data redundancy, and management problems.

Dealing with these problems is really tough, so Ooze IT Solution is here to help you out. We design and develop web and mobile and web-based ERP applications that help you to manage various departments and daily operations easily. Our ERP application developers have expertise in developing ERP applications for different departments like IT, Project Management, Retail, Accounting, Real estate, Business Industries, and HR to eliminate data redundancy, communication gap, and cloud-based data backup.

Ooze IT is known for providing ERP services like:

  • Providing Custom ERP Application Development
  • Ecommerce ERP Solutions
  • ERP Solutions for Hospitals
  • ERP solutions for Real Estate
  • Digital ERP Solutions
  • Business Intelligence ERP Solutions
  • ERP Migration Services
  • ERP Installation Services
  • Testing and Quality Assurance

How ERP Development Benefits Your Business


By Optimizing

ERP solutions are used to automate a range of business operations that would otherwise need more time and effort to do manually. Repetitive processes such as Tracking inventories, assigning tasks to the team, etc., can be automated, and the required data can be generated in real-time.


By Increasing
Team Collaboration

Cross-departmental collaboration is an essential and frequently required element of every business. A company’s ERP system eliminates barriers between departments. For example, a department can access data from other departments if the data is stored in a centralized and uniform ERP application.


By Reducing
Operating Costs

ERP enables businesses to reduce operational costs as a majority of operating processes are automated, while numerous interruptions, delays, and malfunctions can be predicted in advance. As a result, all of the complex work could be accomplished quickly. ERP solutions can also help businesses save money by automating day-to-day operations.

Why Ooze IT as your ERP software development company?

Some precise points that make us different from others in the industry:

enter-122 Personalized Consulting
enter-21 Qualified Team
enter-31 On-Time Delivery
enter-132 End to End Services
enter-111 Best Price
enter-41 User-Friendly ERP Solutions
Personalized Consulting

When you call us to develop a custom ERP application, we define the development process in detail before proceeding. We understand your business requirements and then create a solution that helps fulfil your business objectives.

Personalized Consulting
Qualified Team

Ooze IT’s ERP application developers are tech geeks who have a vast knowledge of the most modern tools and technologies in their zone. They use the newest technology to create solutions that provide you with an edge over the market.

Qualified Team
On-Time Delivery

We understand how important it is for you to have a solution for your enterprise. We guarantee that your ERP application is delivered to you on time. Deploying products at the selected time is one of our USPs.

On-Time Delivery
End to End Services

Ooze IT’s ERP development team gives end-to-end solutions developed from scratch. We have been in the industry for a long time and can deliver custom solutions to fulfil your business needs.

End to End Services
Best Price

The most difficult task is to find an affordable ERP application developer who fits your budget. Our ERP development services are affordable & even if you add advanced features to your product, we offer the most reasonable price in the industry.

Best Price
User-Friendly ERP Solutions

Our custom ERP software development company delivers easy to learn ERP modules for teams to familiarize themselves with easily. Quality video support & visual functions let you monitor multiple real-time end-to-end with easy UI and flexible workarounds put integrated company intelligence to regular use.

Inventory Management

Solutions ERP Software provides to your Business!

Financial Management

ERP Software simplifies the accounting & financial procedure including payroll management, thereby saving your time & money & increasing efficiency.

Sales Management

ERP Software provides your organization with tools to manage your entire sales process and customer lifecycle. From quotes to orders to deliveries to invoices.

Data Security

ERP solutions have centralized controls to ensure data security. It provides controlled access to information and allows admittance only to the authorized users thereby, ensuring data security.

Purchase Management

ERP Software provides your organization with tools that your firm needs to manage its entire procurement process. It enables smooth purchase management for your organization.

Integrated Reporting

ERP Software provides better reporting tools with real-time information & enhanced features to examine functions across departments without the hassle of multiple spreadsheets and emails. It provides a unified reporting system for every process.


ERP Software allows businesses to manage relationships with customers by providing a centralized place to store customer and prospect data, trace customer communications, and share this information with associates.

Ooze IT’s ERP development approach

Ooze IT’s ERP application development approach recovers existing inner communication paths by delving deep into industry logic and creating individual solutions for each business-standard. Here’s what sets us apart when companies choose us for outsourcing services for ERP development.

As an advanced software development company, Ooze IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has a full focus on minimizing inefficiencies:

  • Provides centralized control and a single integrated method to handle critical business applications and data.
  • Secured, trustworthy, and scalable ERP software to enhance workflow and efficiency
  • Real-time integrated modules that do not need regular updates.
  • ERP systems significantly reduce IT care and overhead expenses.

Especially For You

We offer customized ERP software development services that are specifically designed for your enterprise. We know the value of ERP solutions for your enterprise and build the best-customized ERP product that meets your business needs. We have ready-to-use ERP applications for various industries that are also customizable according to your needs. We configure the ERP software with specific functions, business intelligence, enhancement, fields, modifications of interfaces and addition of particular fields, and more. In quick, we are one of the top Custom ERP service providers you can get.

Which Industry you’re from?


ERP is a software that helps in integrating business processes into a single, streamlined database and user interface by offering modules for each of the core business areas: Financial Management, Sales Management, Purchase Management, Human Resource Management, Inventory Management, customer relationship management, along with other business-critical functionalities.

Almost every industry could leverage ERP such as Construction, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Paper and Packaging, Automotive Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, etc

There are many benefits of ERP for a business such as: Better Management, Enhanced Accuracy, Better Coordination, Cost-Effectiveness, Enhanced Reporting, Data Security, Increasing Scalability, Increased Productivity

You should refer to this article to learn more on this topic: https://www.itooze.com/erp-software-for-school/


Though it is easy to learn to use ERP software. But still, we will thoroughly guide your team to use it.

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