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Case Study : Bangalore Company



Bangalore-based company

came to us at their business commencement stage, where they were executing their idea into reality. They visualized a subscription-based model via which their customers could subscribe to their daily delivery plans for

grocery shopping



Our challenge was to execute a business idea into reality. We needed to build a customized online subscription-based model from scratch. The onus to successfully execute their concept into reality was on us as the concept was completely based on a robust online system. Thus, its success was directly proportional to the success of the online system.

What did we build?

Mobile Application for End-users:

We designed a mobile application (Android & iOS versions) for their customers i.e., their end-users. The application is designed on a subscription-based model where users can subscribe for their

daily grocery needs

& the item/s will be delivered to them within a stipulated time slot on a daily basis. The users can easily set vacation time offs, create repeat orders, opt for a refund & return, or opt-out from the subscription plan easily.

Mobile Application for Pick & Pack Process:

We designed a mobile application

for the internal team of pick n pack process where they can coordinate for the packing process for customers & can mark the orders packed for delivery. This way, the internal team can refresh for an updated status of the orders packed & can easily coordinate without any obstructions.

Mobile Application for Distribution Process:

We designed a mobile application for the internal team of delivery persons where they can coordinate the distribution process. Thus, ensuring a smooth & timely distribution process.

Web Portal:

We also designed a web portal for PC users

which incorporated the same features as in the application.

Centralized Backend Admin Panel:

We developed a centralized backend control panel

consolidating all the above-mentioned applications & the web portal. It allows the super admin to control everything on a single platform. It helps in

stock management


product management


customer management



, etc.


Today, it is successfully conducting its business with a wide customer base & has been successful in executing its concept into substance. It has a user-base of 2lac+ customers & 15-20k daily orders. Kudos to our team!

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