Case Study : Bazaar


Founded in 2016 by

Bazaarcom Catering Company.

Bazaar is a one-stop shop for online shopping in Kuwait covering top categories like kitchenware, electronics, parties, baby care, and outlets. Of Course, Bazaar is known for its product quality, range of products, and supportive service. It’s one of the primary reasons people choose to buy their essentials from Bazaar.

Bazaar Before Us

When we started working with Bazaar, it had some serious issues which were directly impacting Bazaar’s sales. Some major problems were – poor product appearance, slow site loading, no language translator, no currency converter, long & complicated buyer journey, loaded JS, unwanted time blockers, bad core web vitals score, and all deal-breaker issues.


Bazaar came to us with some of the most influential challenges to their business. Bazaar’s website and app are dynamically designed to provide an amazing shopping experience to their customers. Below are some challenges and goals we’ve accepted and accomplished to help achieve Bazaar’s goal.

The Dynamic Part –As an eCommerce brand, Bazaar has to keep its web content fresh. We’ve automated duplicating from one page to another without changing the website design for the website and app.

The UI & UX –Bazaar’s UI & UX includes all the functionalities an eCommerce website and app should have. But it also includes a currency converter, language switch, and dark mode, which leaves an unforgettable impression on customers. The minimalist design with eye-soothing colors, easy-to-reach, read buttons, and fonts add many leads.


Buyer’s Journey –One of the most important steps in a buyer’s journey is product appearance & easy process. We had the challenge to showcase a product in multiple forms on a product page containing other influential options for the customer.

How Did We Build It

To make Bazaar a success from a dynamic perspective, we’ve triggered multiple resources on the website and the app. To make it easy to update or add products for the Bazaar team in the future, our team built and tested the synchronization of the website and app with the server thousands of times. Marketing and remarketing are key to selling and growing any eCommerce brand. We built Bazaar with the same goal but changed our mode to advance. It means that Bazaar can track customer journeys, store cache, track cookies, and provide useful information about customer experience. To keep a strong grip on the mobile users, we creatively processed the app and website to provide a super responsive experience. The most conversion things are the color and size changing options on the product page, sliders, widget callings, list, and grid view in mobile view.

Bazaar Now

From a beautiful and functional header containing a site menu, social buttons, shop buttons, dark mode, currency, and language converter to the newsletter in the footer. Our team gave an outstanding performance to make Bazaar a revenue-generating engine. Below mentioned are some aspects in which Bazaar’s success can be measured:

Speed –The loading speed of any website is a crucial success factor for any business. In Bazaar, we worked to make it a smooth and fast interface where customers get no extra time to waste while the page loads.

Site appearance –Like an unclear title with perfect written content attracts nobody, an eCommerce site with great products but poor appearance and functionality attracts nobody. Any eCommerce brand with quality products needs to showcase its product in the best way possible. Functionality adds quick action buttons, hover to zoom, and wish list options, but it still comes in second place after appearance when the customer likes the product and decides to buy.


Traffic & Sales growth –Growth of website visitors and product sales works parallel with site speed product appearance. Bazaar recorded a super growth in its sales by up to 1200% and 10X times growth in its traffic. Achieving success like this in a short period needs a lot of dedication and passion, which our team members have for our client’s success.


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