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Intelligent search or Smart search is an eCommerce search system based on artificial intelligence with lots of mind-bending features. This new search technology provides much more advanced capabilities to the search field, enhancing the user experience in the online market. That is the reason why great search engines, such as Google, have bet on this innovation. The ability to identify and deliver results about the relevant product; identify synonyms and recognize the similarity between spoken words and sentences, displaying the exact result even after misspelled words. Another fundamental element of a complete intelligent search is the ability to identify the phonetic similarity between letters and words, that is the capacity between phonetic algorithms. A good Ecommerce Smart Search Platform for e-commerce can do this with behavioral search. This technology monitors every stage of the customer from the moment he enters the store until he chooses to leave the site. Everything is taken into account, such as products or showcases, clicks on categories, and searches performed.

Some of the skills of intelligent searches are color search which can be implemented in a common search system but in a much slower and much more expensive way. Sometimes, it is essential to hire an outer team, in further issues, it is necessary that the inner team stops everything and commits itself to this single task, and there is still the chance of errors. If you are looking for companies providing smart search solutions, choose Ooze IT Solutions. Why?

Let’s find out.

Drive conversions with great search

Here’s a fact that may amaze you: people who intentionally search are 200% more likely to convert than other users. That indicates personalized search directly affects your revenue. Don’t lose it out using the basic search your CMS offers. You need a truly smart search platform than one which only pretends. That’s where Ooze IT Solutions comes in. Our smart eCommerce search platform automatically understands as users search, increasing your relevancy by 95% on average. We help you navigate website visitors to the most meaningful content on your website, encouraging them to buy.

Search Solutions for Every Platform

Your eCommerce business needs to be smart and deserves an extraordinary platform, not just a basic search bar. That’s why Ooze IT Solutions makes intelligent eCommerce platforms that can be used for all kinds of eCommerce businesses. Ooze IT search can make your online business more relevant, effective, and ultimately, more successful. At Ooze IT Solutions, we make every detail of your digital content easier to find, organize and sort. With easy-to-use tools, comprehensive analytics, and customization choices, Ooze IT can help you boost visitor engagement with your website, app, or platform instantly.

Precise & Personalized

The personalization of the shopping experience is in great demand. Every eCommerce business needs an intelligent platform that can understand user intent, provide correct results and increase conversion rates. We at Ooze IT Solutions provide modern and smart eCommerce search platforms which contain advanced eCommerce search algorithms. We provide more relevant and even personalized results. For example, the term jaguar can provide results related to car, animal, and bathroom products based on the profile of the person who is searching.

Personalize the shopping experience

As an eCommerce business owner, you know how crucial it is to make the journey to purchase efficiently. Providing personalized search results narrows down the list of required products and helps the user get to their intended result quickly, increasing the possibility that they convert. By integrating Ooze IT’s quick-learning search platform with your eCommerce store, your customers will get results, recommendations, and related products that match their exact needs. Integrate additional marketing and retail products with our search platform for a search that brings your customer’s historical choices and priorities into the display.

Clear All of Your Doubts

Look at this new fact that may amaze you: users who perform a search are 216% more likely to convert. That means search straightly impacts your revenue. We build our platform that offers industry-leading features and customer service. Businesses that started using smart search for eCommerce are enjoying its benefits and generating high revenue. Our custom, automatic, and intelligent platform give you complete control over searchable content and results. We help you guide website visitors to the most relevant content on your website, convincing them to buy. The platform we provide performs complex algorithmic calculations, crawls content, and serves results from multiple domains in one search page. What humans think is relevant and the words they type in the search box do not always match the words that marketers use to define the product in the search listings. A new generation eCommerce search system should look at what users click for the terms they’ve searched and boost those outcomes for all users. That means users who don’t click to the next page or even look beyond the first result will see better results based on what other users clicked. This kind of coordinated tuning needs capturing user signals like click-stream events and purchases to improve search.

Choose Ooze IT Solutions for Smart Search Platform Which Can Transform Your Ecommerce Business?

It is a fact that the average human attention span is 7 seconds and that is about how long you have to catch your customers’ focus. Where 7 seconds can decide your fate, owning a large portfolio is not enough. Smart search is a need that no eCommerce store should ignore. But don’t take our word for it. Below are some of the multiple advantages of intelligent search mechanisms that can entirely transform your eCommerce store for the better and more profitable. Have a look at our blog; Smart Search for eCommerce for a better understanding of the benefits of smart search platforms for eCommerce.

Enhance Consumer Experience

The purpose of an eCommerce marketplace is to mimic the engaging experience of a real-life store with the added ease of accessibility that is hard to get anywhere else. It can only be achieved by taking care of all your customers. The primary goal of the customers is to get to their expected product and just like any brick-and-mortar store, your online store needs to help achieve their goal as fast as possible. With this type of intelligent search tool, your customers can get what they want even before they notice it. These results in an enhanced consumer experience that will ultimately lead to better conversion rates and maximized returns for your business.

Build Lasting Relationships

Building a relationship with potential customers boils down to how nicely you can fulfill their needs in the shortest time possible. For a new customer to turn into a permanent one, your eCommerce website needs to be unique. Using the powers of an optimized search tool, you can auto-suggest the exact products that will attract first-time visitors and make them come back for more. The need for a smart search for eCommerce business is also increasing with the competition, and the best time to implement this feature is now.

Get Insights into Consumer Behavior

Intelligent search is not only useful for the comfort of the consumer, but it can also add to your knowledge of customer behavior. The words entered in your search area can provide insights into the buying patterns, objectives, and desires of your customers. Such details can be used to your benefit and can help you in improving your eCommerce store, marketing the correct goods, and further elevating the customer experience.

Predict Consumer Intent

Searches performed on our smart platform can give in-depth insights into the buying purpose of your customers. A more custom search means a higher intent than a generic one. Understanding consumer intent can guide you to target your customers even after they have left your site. By understanding why customers are looking for something and where they are searching, you can target the potential customers at the right time.

Making Marketing More Effective

With crucial data such as buying intent, consumer behavior, and search habits, you can focus your marketing efforts on the customers who are most likely to convert. Through prioritized selling based on search popularity, you can market products that are widely famous or highly rated and most likely to demand your consumer base. When you implement modern search systems like autosuggestion, smart positioning, voice search, semantic, and phonetic search in your eCommerce store, your customer retention will also increase. Our eCommerce search solutions need no or minimal promotion even for new startups because customers will automatically get their intended result.


Smart Search refers to search systems powered by Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing & Artificial Intelligence. It can intuit users’ preferences by analyzing their previous behavioral patterns throughout the web.

Smart Search Algorithm helps users in finding the desired products easily by providing personalized search results which narrow down the list of required products and helps users get to their intended result quickly. Thus, increasing the possibility of conversion.

Here are the Prominent Features: 1. Voice Search 2. Consumer Behavior Insights 3. Smart Positioning 4. Autosuggestion 5. Popular Searches 6. Phonetic Search Algorithm 7. Semantic Search Algorithm 8. Image Search 9. Customer Retention 10. Advanced Analytics 11. Personalization

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