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developing iOS, Android, React Native, and Flutter Mobile Application Development. We offer a complete process of app development, integration, testing, maintenance, and management services.

We know what your users need & we will customize your mobile application to cater to your customers directly & amaze them with the mobile app functionality. We want our clients to be satisfied with our services, and our experts know what your business needs in the name of app development. Whatever your vision is, we will reframe it with you to make it connect better with your business goals. Our highly skilled mobile app developers and designers work hard to build a premium quality product for you. Our tested procedures ensure that we build a top-notch mobile app within your company’s budget and time frame. Our transparent processes make sure that you always be in the loop with the progress of your project. We always keep the right balance between quality, price, and project requirements to offer you custom functionality thoroughly designed to serve your business requirements.

Our Mobile Application Services

Responsive applications for all mobile devices Over the years, Ooze IT has designed and developed dozens of mobile apps for multiple businesses and industries. Here is a list of mobile app development services we offer our industry clients:


iOS Apps

Our award-winning team of mobile app developers has been helping businesses of all sizes bring their functions to new heights with our iOS application development services.

Android Apps

There are a lot of android application development companies in the market. But we deliver a range of Android application development services that surround everything from custom app development with original design to QA/testing and support.

Lifestyle Apps

We can develop a mobile app to connect people with lifestyle and leisure. It contains grating consumers’ tickets to sports, travel, events, food, and everything else that life has to offer in terms of joy.

Social Media Apps

If your brand has an idea for a social network app, Ooze IT will be happy to build it. Our team will develop high-end algorithms and work hard to ensure that your social media app works exactly how you envisioned it.

Cross Platform Apps

We build cross-platform applications which provide the same user experience across all devices & platforms. Cross-platform apps are more cost-effective than building multiple native apps.

Native Apps

Native mobile app development means developing apps for a specific mobile operating system available to users via a dedicated app store like App Store or Google Play.

Progressive Apps

A Progressive App is a type of application software delivered through the web. Developers can publish it online, assuring that it adheres to baseline install ability provisions, and users can add it to their home screen.

Business Management Apps

Ooze IT’s mobile app development team will create a solution for business management, including payroll and CRM. It will allow your organization to manage all aspects of business management and improve efficiency.

Our Steps in Detail

We Design

With our professional designers in the mobile app development team, we create stunning UI/UX designs for all types of business and social networking apps.

We Develop

As one of the top mobile app development agencies, we can create all kinds of mobile applications. We provide stunning backend web services and develop cutting-edge applications.

We Launch

We help our clients launch their mobile applications on the app store. We understand how confusing it is to create your first app. We will help you overcome that confusion and do everything to make your app experience easy.

We Market

After your app is launched on the market, we can help you market your app with our Digital Marketing services. We provide social media marketing, PPC, Content Marketing services, and more to boost your app’s success.

What Makes Us Different

We Explore the App Market and Plan Marvels

As we have the best mobile app developers on our team, we also have a plan to transform your vision into reality. Having experience of more than ten years, we now understand that every project is unique and requires special consideration. We help you plan and research your market before getting started with app development.

Develop with Robust Tech Stack and Expert Developers

An application with bugs is just trash. It damages the reputation of your brand and never allows you to succeed. At Ooze IT, we have a dedicated team of mobile app testers that never let a single bug pass to your application. We guarantee that your apps are tested against various test cases and will be a full-fledged product, not just an experiment when delivered to you.

Get Unique App Designs and Offer Intuitive Experiences

While developing a mobile app, it’s important to ensure that it never crashes. A lot goes into creating solutions that win hearts. Our team of mobile app developers always stays up to date with the latest technological trends. Team members that have dozens of successful applications in their portfolio. While working with Ooze IT, your mobile app development game becomes much more than sorted.

Launch Like a Pro

Mobile App Development is just one side of the coin, and another is app launch. We guarantee to support you till your app gets live and even after that to make it a fruitful product for your business. We also provide installation manuals, trial cases, and user manuals. We care for your customers the same as you care for them.

Clients Testimonials


While it usually takes around 8 to 10 weeks to finish the app development process, from ideation to launch, some apps can take shorter while other technical apps can take even longer.

Like Time, Cost is another factor that depends entirely on the number of features required in your Mobile Application.

Our Mobile Apps are thoroughly-tested and market-ready before launch. We make sure that all aspects of applications we offer are secured & thoroughly tested.

Be it Android Apps or iOS Apps, or tablet Apps. We develop it all!

You can choose between any of the following approaches: 1. Native Native mobile app development means developing apps for a specific mobile operating system available to users via the dedicated app store like App Store or Google Play. That is, separate apps for separate platforms! 2. Cross-Platform With cross-platform development, a single app works on both platforms. 3. Progressive It is a type of application software delivered through the web. Developers can publish it online, assuring that it adheres to baseline install-ability provisions, and users can add it to their home screen. 4. Hybrid A hybrid application is a combination of the web application created for web browsers and the native application designed for a particular platform that is installed on a device.

Definitely! We would love to walk you through our eCommerce apps!

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