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Case Study : Dekor



56 year old turkey-based renowned company

contacted us as they were dissatisfied with the existing website because it lacked vital information and customers found it confusing. Things became complicated, and the website no longer reflected its true identity. Furthermore, the website was no longer a profit center and became difficult to navigate.


Our challenge was to improve the website architecture, overall performance, and accessibility as –
  • The website was not responsive.
  • The speed of loading of websites was slow.
  • Selling points were not communicated clearly.
  • It wasn’t providing the anticipated stream of leads.
  • There was no clear distinction between new, returning, and prospective customers.


  • We began working on making a makeover of the old design based on user input and data, and prototyping for easy communication.
  • We design and develop

    according to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation.
  • We created a separate control panel for the partner installation vendors, through which they can operate, change prices, view and modify quotations, interact with customers, and make changes to quotations and other details.
  • For new visitors, we included a short tour of the service’s main unique selling points, how it works, some success stories, and the option to begin the style quiz.
  • The hero section and navigation pointed a way out to browsing designs for returning visitors who will most likely skip the home page or use it as a waypoint.

The Impact-

Despite the fact that we still have along road ahead of us, the redesign update provides an opportunity to look back and celebrate our current progress. This update teaches us a lot and today it is one of the leading companies that produce paint rollers and hand tools in Turkey and worldwide and exports products to around 50countries.

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