Digital Transformation: What is it & Why is it Needed?

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Digital Transformation is the adoption of digital technology into different areas of a business, completely revolutionizing how you operate and function. Almost every successful business has digitally transformed in one or another way. Look at Netflix – Entertainment has been completely revolutionized in a way never imagined before! Look at G-pay or Paytm – The payment mechanism has been digitalized to make it easier & convenient for all! Look at VR (Virtual Reality) Experiences – It has amazingly revolutionized our experience! The pandemic has taught us the importance of Digital Transformation. Companies suffered as they were not prepared for the contingency. Work-from-home was a flop for companies who were not tech-savvy & were not having the required tools to connect with the virtual team & track their productivity. Through digital transformation, companies can work efficiently when such disruptive events occur, empowering them to be profitable in such scenarios as well. As the pandemic aroused the need for digitalization, we all should understand the basic survival instincts of a business & work in the way to build our future business strategy. Thus we could say that every business needs an online presence to sustain itself in the changing scenario. Digital Transformation is surely the key! If you’re looking to make a successful digital transformation for your company or to enhance your current digital marketing strategy, all you need is the right steps that work for you. Here are a few steps you should begin with:


Today, having an online presence is as important as having a physical presence. Customers expect brands to have content online about their business. A website is a gateway to interact with your customers directly & satisfy their queries. This way, you could build a long-term relationship with your customers & establish your brand as trustworthy in their eyes. If your business deals in products, having an eCommerce website will help in enhancing your geographical reach & boosting your sales. If your business deals in services, a website will promote your services to your direct audience. So, either way, having a website will help your business in the digital world.


A website alone is not enough to sustain it should be complemented by strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization). An effective SEO strategy will help you deliver your web pages to the relevant audience & establish your presence in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page. A website is incomplete without an effective SEO, as it is invisible to your target audience without SEO!!! Thus, it is essential to strategize SEO tactics as soon as you start building a website, as SEO begins with step A to yield maximum productivity.

Social Media Marketing

Social media networks are accessible to everyone, allowing businesses to follow their consumers’ activities or track potential buyers. It helps marketers be well-informed about their target audience, their likes & dislikes, helping them to create a better marketing strategy to attract such customers. And also, interact with their actual & potential customers directly regularly. Social Media is a powerful tool for any business & could lead to excellent results if properly implemented.

Mobile Application

Having a Mobile Application can offer valuable marketing opportunities and help you reach your target audience by personalizing their experience with your brand & regularly communicating with them & conveying your offers to them. A mobile application is customized as per your business & customers’ needs & is a way to smoothly & instantly interact with your customers directly on their mobile devices. Here is a list of a few important tools:

Remote Team Management

Remote Team Management is the practice of effectively managing the remote workforce in terms of smooth communication, effective implementation, etc. During the pandemic, we all felt the need for a well-functioned Remote Team Management Software to boost the productivity of the remote team & ensure the effectiveness of the team. Thus building efficient team management software is essential for any company.

Cloud Storage Solutions

Cloud solutions store data on remote & secure servers allowing us to store & access loads of data, which helps in saving costs, promoting scalability, enhancing security, etc. It has many benefits over hard-drive storage like, you don’t have to possess the storage device & you don’t lose invaluable data. Plus, it makes it easy to share content. Another prominent reason to use cloud storage is the cost savings. It is much more affordable to buy unlimited cloud storage for a reasonable price than buying lots of hard drive storage space.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP, also known as Enterprise Resource Planner, is software that runs business processes for an organization. ERP streamlines and automates processes, creating a more precise and efficient operation for any entity. It uses a centralized database to store information of multiple departments & operates integrated software. Thus everyone has access to what they need, regardless of their role. This software is a must for successful enterprise management for any entity to improve its effectiveness & efficiency.

Time Tracker

Time Tracker should be installed in employees’ devices to track the activities they’re indulged in throughout the working hours & ensure maximum productivity. A time tracker will allow you to analyze the activities & time taken on each activity & will let you assure the maximum output as employees couldn’t trick in the name of remote work.

CRM Software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software is a tool businesses use to manage communication with current and potential customers. It also allows for the consolidation of all client data and interactions in a centralized system. It let users examine the data important to their workflows. In this way, all departments/decision-makers have a 360-degree view of what is needed by them.

Automation Tools

Automation leads to quicker processing of voluminous tasks and decreased turnaround time (Turnaround time (TAT) is the period from the time of submission of a process to the time of completion.) There are multiple automation tools available in the market for different tasks; companies should use some of the automation tools which are most appropriate for their business. These automation tools will not only lead to reduced costs but also enhanced productivity, as the human workforce could focus on more important tasks and leave repetitive tasks on these automation tools. With the changing scenario, Digital Transformation is essential for any business to sustain & outrank its competitors. If you are still not aware of the impact of Digital Transformation, you should look around & see the competitors who have already initiated their journey towards Digital Transformation. Analyze what difference it has made to their business & what you are losing!! Reach us today to initiate your Digital Transformation journey!!!

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